Penile Cancers

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Penile Cancers

How do people come to know:

Penile cancers can present as redness on penile foreskin or on the glans (head of the penis) or as a mass on the penis, even with bleeding. It can also present with lumps in the groin.

Treatments offered by Dr Subodh Kamble

Dr Subodh Kamble has expertise in management of penile cancer including Glans resurfacing (Preservation of Penis), Glansectomy (removal of only head of penis with reconstruction), partial penectomy (removal of part of penis), total penectomy (complete removal of penis).

He has expertise in radical inguinal lymph node dissection, superficial inguinal lymph node dissection and the sentinel node biopsy for the penile cancer. He has expertise in robotic pelvic lymph node dissection too.