Paediatric urology (Urological Problems in Children)

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Dr Subodh Kamble was trained under the Paediatric urologist in UK to deal with the urological problems in children.

Treatments offered by Dr Subodh Kamble

He has expertise in

Circumcision in children

Congenital hydrocoele repair (Scrotal swelling)

Undescended Testis (including inguinal or groin repair as well as Laparoscopic Stephen Fowler’s surgery for undescended testis)

Posterior urethral valve repair (condition in male child with swelling of kidneys at birth and difficulty in passing urine)

Pyeloplasty (Pelviureteric junction obstruction in children (PUJ Obstruction) surgery)

STING and HIT procedure and ureteric reimplantation for refluxing ureters in children

Medical management of urinary problems in children such as urine leakage, nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting at night) and urinary tract infections in children.